Why A Business Coach

Benefits of Working with Rod

A wealth of skill, experience, and effective strategic planning on your side

  • Understanding: I make it make sense. Each step along the way I will explain what I am recommending and why.
  • Motivation: Having clarity on what works and why it works will help to keep you energized to act on improvements and to pursue new opportunities.
  • Unbiased: I recommend whatever is best for you; I have no reason to be biased. My only goal is your success.
  • Get more for less: I provide provide small to medium sized businesses with the much needed resources and services of an executive manager, without increasing long-term staffing commitments and payroll.

Improvement starts with analysis, results come from action

  • Insight: Analysis must be effective and takes a trained eye. Over 25 years of experience will pay dividends as I look for areas to improve and opportunities to build upon. I know what to look for, how to analyze it, and then what to do with the findings.
  • Thorough: I have a process that is systematic and will ensure that I cover any area of business improvement that is pertinent to your company.
  • Real change: The results I bring to you are actionable plans that make a difference in your operation.