Hear from businesses who have worked with No B.S. Consulting

“I attended the 12-module business coaching program and I did not know what to expect at first, but by the time I experienced a few sessions I was at the point where I could not wait for the next one. Every session was interesting, interactive, and definitely challenging. Every time I attended a session I found I got a lot of ideas not only from the planned and presented material, but also I got just as much from Rod’s interactions with myself and the other business owners. Every session had time allocated for discussion and questions throughout the day and I learned a lot by participating in those discussions as well as sometimes just listening and learning. By the end of every day I was always mentally exhausted… the sessions are very full!

Rod has a talent for picking up on what a business owner needs to hear and driving to the heart of the matter in a way that is inspiring and sometimes personally challenging as well. I am sold on having a coach as a part of our business. We are getting much more immediate ideas and changes than we would be able to get if we were to try to figure it all out on our own. We were impressed enough that we have taken the next step to hire Rod to work with us on our business plan and we are excited about the growth plans we are putting in place! If you are not afraid to face change and to face your own personal weaknesses, and if you have the courage to take your business to a new level, I would highly recommend Rod.”


“As a result of the coaching program I learned a lot about myself, both weaknesses and strengths and I have practical methods to help me in the areas that need work. I have a greater sense of direction and am more passionate about the work I am doing. I am learning to face fears such as public speaking and have been able to address personal flaws that need work. My self-confidence has improved overall and I feel more empowered in life in general. Many principles I have learned from coaching I have applied to both my business and personal life. In regards to our team, I understand my co-workers better and why they do the things they do. I am also becoming a better listener and learning to read people. I am more confident when dealing with people and am now aware of factors such as eye contact and body language. I can better understand signals from my customers and what kind of personality they have and, therefore, know how to deal with them based on their personality. As well, I have learned how important systems are and how to change counterproductive behaviours. I also know what my time is worth which has helped me to realize ‘is this activity creating revenue’ leading to changed behaviour. Also, the concept of delegating has been very impactful and hit home for me.”


“Being a part of the business coaching program has taught me to recognize where my strengths lie and to concentrate my efforts in those areas. I now have a vision of what I want our business to become in the future. I feel excited and confident that the vision is attainable. I feel like it has put a lot of new life into the owners about a future that was not there before. I have realized how important it is to step away from the trenches when working hard to take the time to relax and recharge.

In regards to the workplace, the coaching material has helped to alleviate stress in the workplace by implementing a variety of tips and systems discussed during the sessions. With our team I have realized the importance to plan and follow through by becoming accountable to someone. I have also learned to pay attention to signals from co-workers and employees as well as to be open to their ideas.

As an owner I have learned to determine where my employees’ strengths lie so they can be successful in their roles. Because of this, everyone’s minds are stimulated and there is much more motivation and excitement in our workplace. In general, the communication with other owners and employees has vastly improved. I have no doubt that our revenue will do nothing but increase since being involved in the coaching program. It has definitely been worth the time and money. It will force you to look at where your weaknesses are; it can do nothing but benefit you and make you stronger.”


“I was acting as an employee for 29 years. As a result of the coaching program I have learned how to change my role and be more of an owner and less of an employee. I am also more professional in how I present myself and the business. Coaching has also helped me to work on my confidence. I am learning to go beyond myself, look at fellow owners and co-workers and look at what they need to make the business better. Along with this, I am learning how to manage people with respect. I have also been challenged with how to deal with outsourcing or hiring and stepping away; bridging the gap and taking the leap of faith to grow the business. Through the coaching program I have learned how to do this and what avenues to take to do it. The material has also been very practical in helping me to evaluate the efficiency of my office, warehouse, and use of space in general.

One of the most impactful things I have learned is to put a value on what my time is worth. I understand the importance of using systems because my time is valuable. I am making decisions as to what is worth my time & what is not worth my time with potential employees or customers. In regards to our team I have learned a lot about how to place people in roles based on their personality types & their strengths. I will continue to put more of a focus on this when hiring and placing people in roles in the business. I have also seen how to create an environment where someone wants to grow and be a part of the business. I see the importance of building morale and taking care of our team. In being successful with the business I better understand how to face the challenges in my community and how the demographic affects my business. Regarding Rod, he is certainly in his element as a business coach. The coaching program has paid for itself based on new systems we have put in place, which is earning us money, and helping us to branch out into new categories. The course brought ideas to become real instead of just intentions.”