Business Planning


The Business Planning process includes analyzing your operation, strategizing, and the implementation of decisions and projects. The process will result in a revamped and stronger business.

Most plans fail to deliver results due to a myriad of reasons: Poor advice, lack of experience, failure to involve those who will implement the actions, lack of accountability, not following through, too much theory, or sub-standard planning skills. My methods effectively creates plans that bring about lasting improvements. It requires sharp skills, the wisdom that comes from experience, and the grit to make the changes required to get bigger results. My Business Planning process will affect you, your key team members, and transform your business. Contracting me to work on a Business Plan will bring changes and insights you never would have thought of. Prepare for an exciting journey of business transformation.

7 Components of a Plan


Think Big, Provide Inspiration

Develop goals, milestones, and methods to track and report progress.


Mission / Vision / Values / Protocols

Develop the why, what, and how of the organization. Keep your team on the same page and pulling in the same direction.



A thorough assessment to see where you are now in relation to your goal, analyze variables that will help lead to actionable plans, and implement projects to take your business to the next level.


Actions & Methods to Implement

Develop a complete list of Actions to improve the business operations and increase profitability.


The Development Lab

Initiate a series of Improvement Projects to be cultivated until they become an integral part of your business.


Helps, Reference, Operations Manual

Create a complete set of Business Operations Tools to help keep your organization running smoothly.


Tracking, Reporting & Review

Implement various methods to routinely track and keep perspective. For both the company as well as individuals.

When all 7 components are completed you will have an organized plan; and even more importantly, your plan will be integrated with your company’s day-to-day operations. Your plan will not be just theory and it will not be a binder on your shelf. It will transform your business; you will see the results. As your plan is being developed you will be involved each step along the way so that you understand the what, why, and how of each action taken. My objective is not just to help you improve your business, but to also pass on to you the knowledge and experience I have, so that you will enhance your skills as a business owner.

The Results For You

  • Measurable goals
  • A plan based on core values.
  • Identify problems and weaknesses. Create a plan to offset or eliminate.
  • Identify opportunities and strengths. Create a plan to capture and enhance.
  • Determine strategies.
  • Create action list from strategies.
  • Track progress.

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I am available on a contract basis to help you create and implement a Business Plan. Whether you want to deal with specific problems, improve specific areas of your operation, expand, or launch to a whole new level, I can help you get there. My business planning process is collaborative - you will learn a lot and be involved each step along the way. My plans are NOT theory; we will be implementing changes IN REAL TIME as the plan is created. My goal is nothing less than your success, so we will strategize and then implement ideas immediately so that your business will experience real change. My planning process is not about general ideas, incomplete intentions, or binders on a shelf. It's about change that brings tangible results. If you want to make significant improvements to your business, I will not disappoint.


Every business is unique and the amount of time needed to take a plan from start to finish will vary. To start the process I will do an assessment of your business (at no cost) and talk with you about your goals for your business and then provide a customized quote. Pricing can range from $15,000 to $250,000 depending on the size of your operation and the time commitment required to take the plan from start to finish.