experience that counts

During my 25+ professional years I have developed effective skills in strategic planning. I have a successful track record of helping people to reach their goals. I am naturally attuned to the art and science of understanding people - seeing what the real issues are, quickly getting to the core of a problem, and creating real-world implementable plans (not just theories) to capture opportunities. I am proficient at integrating strategic ideas with real-life business operations.

I have been a business owner myself for over 25 years and during that time I have worked with hundreds of business owners and provided solutions to their unique needs. I am particularly well suited to deal with you as a business owner; I am familiar with the issues that you face as a business owner as I deal with them myself. I have extensive experience working with accountants, lawyers and other professionals. I have travelled the country working and consulting with the best of the best. Since 1992 I have provided comprehensive planning services and consulted across multiple industries. My strategies for corporations will contribute to your success!

Success Examples

  • A company saved over $1,500,000 in annual maintenance cost

I did 4 months of comprehensive analysis on their equipment purchasing costs and maintenance costs. After creating and comparing strategic options for changes, I proposed an alternative plan which they implemented and as a result have saved over $1,500,000 annually ever since.

  • Annual sales increased by $1,000,000 (25% increase)

I analyzed the workflow for a 30 year-old company which had experienced 2-3% growth annually. I discovered a key strategic issue and then had 2 meetings with the owner and explained my findings; he implemented my recommendations. One year later he told me that as a direct result of my recommendations his annual sales increased by $1,000,000 (25% increase). He maintained my recommendations and in the 10 years following his sales continued to increase even more as a direct result of my recommendations.

  • Significant increase in sales and profits and maintained their market dominance

I consulted with a leading firm in its area and provided recommendations for change based on trends in their industry and to counter the actions of their competitors. The firm implemented my recommendations and had an significant increase in sales and profits which endured for many years and helped to maintain their market dominance.

  • Sales exploded nationally, to the point where they needed 6 more full-time sales reps

A company had an incredible product on their shelf for over 10 years, but few sales. I analyzed the situation and discovered that they were not taking the correct approach on educating potential purchasers. I created an educational process that would connect with buyers, and sales exploded nationally, to the point where they needed to hire 6 full-time sales reps to service the new buyers.

A message from Rod,

My goal is that after meeting with you, you will be on a path to expand your business, reduce stress, make your role more enjoyable, and achieve greater profits. I enjoy working with business owners to make their business a well-oiled machine with strategic and practical methods to obtain their goals. My greatest sense of work satisfaction comes from playing a part in seeing positive changes and results achieved, in context of a business owner’s personal life, their role at work, and their company operations. My advice is Advice That Works.

My Mandates While Working With You

  • Improve your business operations
  • Help you as a business owner to be a better owner and to be more effective with your time
  • Improve your personal life by taking off work-related stress
  • Help to implant purpose in your business so that employees are more enthusiastic to help you
  • Increase profitability
  • Increase efficiency