Survive & Thrive

Implement BIG changes >>> Quickly

Survive and Thrive is a program to help you leave behind problems, capture opportunities, and move on running a thriving business.

This program is for those who want to focus on rapid improvements. The modules are conducted in a group setting, teaching an array of critical skills and business acumen. Each one will be 4 packed hours of concentrated learning and developing actionable plans.

  • During the program you will have 2 individual sessions of 1 hour each with the coach at your business so you can discuss anything you want; develop ideas, ask questions, and get feedback to help your business thrive.
  • The coach is available for calls during the course. 25 years of experience is at your disposal!

This is a results-focused program; it is NOT just an exercise in academics.

  • When the modules are complete, you will have clarity on your business and a course of action. Decisions made during the sessions will provide written goals and plans that are specific to your business.
  • All the actions will be real and applicable to your business; none will be theory. You will have tangible steps to take immediately that will change your business.

There are 5 power-packed modules that will get right to the point of identifying and implementing proactive improvements.

  1. A plan for you.
  2. A plan for your business.
  3. A plan for your team.
  4. A plan for your customers.
  5. Bonus module: AMA (ask me anything). Get feedback on your ideas and ask any question you want about your business.

In the first 4 modules for creating plans we will cover coaching and teaching material for the topic, and then move into discussions and exercises. During each session you will make decisions and create action steps so that by the time the session is over you will have a finalized and written plan that you can immediately implement.