HIgh octane support team

HOST is a program for your support team. When they perform better, you and your business can go to the next level.

The 6 modules will help each employee to excel in their role, to understand what makes business owners different, to increase their excitement to see the business succeed, and to enhance their value to you and your operation. If your team is not prepared to support you, you will spend too much time helping them instead of growing your business. But when your team is equipped to support your focus on business growth - that is when fantastic things begin to happen!

  • The modules are conducted in a group setting, teaching an array of critical skills and business acumen. Each one will be 3 packed hours of concentrated learning.
  • Additionally, each attendee will have 2 individual sessions of 1 hour each with the coach at your business so the attendee can ask anything they want, discuss ideas, ask questions, get feedback and support to help them become an even better asset to you and to the business.
  • The coach is available for calls during the course. 25 years of experience is at their disposal!

This is a results-focused program; it is NOT just an exercise in academics.

  • When the modules are complete, your employees will have new skills to help move your business forward. Discussions and ideas generated during the sessions will help them to come up with business improvement ideas that are specific to your operation.
  • Skills learned and actionable ideas generated will be real and applicable to your business; none will be theory. Your employees will have tangible actions that can help you to improve your business.

There are 6 power-packed modules that will help equip each employee to make contributions towards business success.

  1. Effectively Working With Your Boss
  2. Team
  3. Clients & Customers
  4. All about Business
  5. Skills To Help You Succeed In Your Role
  6. Bonus module: AMA (ask me anything). Get feedback on your ideas and ask any question you want about your place of business.